Top Business Ideas in Delhi with low Investment

Top Business Ideas in Delhi with low Investment

1. Online Selling

Online Selling - Best Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

Customers prefer shopping online these days, then why not sell online!

This is the best time to start your online selling business in Delhi. It’s not too early nor late. It’s the perfect time to start your online business in India.

In 2019, you might have to face some competition but you can definitely become successful in this sector if you do things in the right way.

As I’m listing this business idea in Best Business Ideas in Delhi list, there’s a reason for that. Delhi is one of the most popular wholesale hubs. And, if you are from Delhi, you really have a great opportunity.

Also, you don’t need a large investment in starting up your Online Business. You just need to take up a GST Registration as you have to deal in inter-state supplies and GST is mandatory for inter-state suppliers and the good news is GST Registrations is completely free and you can register your business under GST very easily from the official government website. (

Next thing is to get some good products to sell online. You can build your own website or sell it on popular eCommerce stores.


When your business is in the initial stage, selling on your own website is not recommended as you might not get any sale from your website because people don’t know about your business.

While if you sell on popular eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, and many more, then it’s easier for you to get sales and there are millions of active customers on these sites.

I’ve written a complete article on How to start an eCommerce Business [Beginners Guide], check it out!

2. T-Shirt Printing Business

T-Shirt Printing Business - 7+ Business Ideas in Delhi

T-Shirt Printing Business is booming in India and it’s not too late to jump into this business.

No matter you’re are in a job or just wasting your life, you can easily start this business from your home with medium investment.

Now, If we talk about the market of T-Shirt Printing business in India, mostly the age group who prefer t-shirts are below 20. According to Wikipedia, India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25. This 50% population accounts for 60 crores people. So, you don’t need to worry about the market.

But as there are already many businesses out there in this field, so you might have to face a little bit of competition.

When you running a T-Shirt Printing Business, you can also sell t-shirts online on different marketplace websites like AmazonFlipkart, and more., you can also create your own website from where you can take t-shirt customization orders.

If you want to deal offline, then you can also do that. You can contact some companies and Schools and tell them that you are offering T-Shirt Printing Services. Show them some samples and try to take orders from them. For this, you can also hire a salesperson.

This business can get you huge profits if you do it with planning and strategies. And note that if you don’t keep the records, you might have to face a huge loss.

3. Home Automation Services

Google Home Mini | Business ideas in delhi | Smart Home

Well, this is the new thing in the market, and if you start this business now in 2019, you might not face a lot of competition and this is one of the best business ideas in Delhi to start in 2019.

Home Automation business is all about turning up a home in a smart home where all the basic home appliances are connected with Assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo and can be controlled by voice commands.

And this business idea is very easy to start, especially in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. If you have any technical knowledge, then you can start this business quickly, and even if you do not have the proper technical knowledge, then you can get all the information about Smart Homes and smart devices from the internet.

4. B2B Online Store

B2B Online Store

B2B Online Store is the best business idea in Delhi which you can start in 2019!

Delhi is one of the biggest wholesale markets in India and millions of business owners from all over India visiting Delhi every month to purchase goods for their businesses.

You can create a platform where B2B Wholesalers lists their products and business owners who would like to buy good for their business can buy products from your website on wholesale rates.

You also don’t need a lot of investment in this business.


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