Top Ecommerce Business Ideas

Top Ecommerce Business Ideas

Dive on in and learn more about their favorite ecommerce business ideas for 2019.

  1. Niche fashion communities build fast and sell well.
  2. Online digital health services are on the rise.
  3. Sell Industrial b2b products for high margins with little competition.
  4. Identify super niche products (think gluten-free).
  5. Planners have a massive following.
  6. Target tech savvy retirees (who shop online).
  7. Appeal to people’s ideologies.
  8. The education industry is getting big investor bucks.
  9. Do things Amazon can’t.
  10. Find confusing products (and provide useful instructions).
  11. Passion is the most important part!
  12. Remove the middlemen to win big.
  13. Deep knowledge has the most power.
  14. Solve your own problem.
  15. Use KickStarter for research.
  16. Sell something cool.

1.) Niche fashion communities build fast and sell well.

Niche fashion sites are a huge ecommerce opportunity. Niche fashion communities serve those audiences with hard-to-find or hard-to-fit needs. Those communities can also serve up coming mindsets and trends –– like minimalism or the Great Return of Bell Bottoms (emphasis my own).

Here are a couple of site examples for you before we dive in what the experts have to say:


ONYCHEK is a great example of a niche fashion brand serving hard-to-find communities. In this case, that community is Luxury Fashion from Africa.

Tucker Blair

Tucker Blair serves both customizability as well as a niche audience –– that of New England nostalgia.

Bygone Brand

With both brick-and-mortar and digital locations, the Bygone Brand has leveraged nostalgia and advertising lore for a niche fashion site geared toward those looking for prints no longer available.

Below are more startup ideas to implement.

Daniel Wallock, Marketing Strategist, Wallock Media

While the fashion and garment industry is incredibly crowded, I’ve been having trouble finding minimalist clothing without branding and with quality fabric.

I shop at James Perse and Everlane, but I’d love to see a store that just focused on selling incredible-quality monotone-colored clothes that you could order in pairs of 5 or 10.

This would appeal to a very niche audience, but I think creating an incredible quality brand that only specializes in simple outfits could possibly do well with people like millennials who are looking to dress more minimally and worry less about making choices regarding their clothing.

Brett Owens, Marketing Director & Co-Founder, LeadDyno

Clothing, clothing, clothing. There is an endless demand for clothing products of all types!

Nearly 40% of the affiliates and influencers in our ecommerce affiliate network have this checked off as a category of interest for them.

Find a niche apparel product and sell it. There are plenty of influencers out there who would love to help you promote it, and plenty of folks who are waiting to buy it.

2.) Digital health services are on the rise.

Digital health services here means a couple things:

  1. The ecommerce capabilities for patients and others affected to buy items previously only sold in office
  2. Products that help people prevent health issues, including more education around health in general

So, before we dive into the advice, let’s look at two that do these 2 things.

National Autism Resources

National Autism Resources creates a community-like online space for parents and practitioners, as well as offers helpful items and education to help people find what they need, and then get it delivered to them.

Jigsaw Health

Jigsaw Health is highly committed to education around magnesium for their customers and potential new customers. They write frequently on their blog, use videos to help spread the word on YouTube and Facebook and ultimately have turned the product they sell into an educated community.


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